12 x Maple Syrup (Square Can) 250ml Case – Grade A Dark (Robust Taste)

Maple Syrup (Square Can) 250ml Case – 24 Per Case / Grade A Dark (RobustTaste).

This dark strong tasting syrup is great for recipes, produced from the sugar house and canned at the producers facilities this case is packed with 24 cans.

All Maple Syrup Direct’s maple syrup’s, are made from nothing other than 100% natural sugar maple sap, boiled and concentrated. This is a fantastic maple syrup especially for cooking all your favourite recipes.

Maple Syrup In Comparison To White Sugar

Pure maple syrup can be a healthier option than other refined and processed sugars and sweeteners such as cane sugar. Unlike many other sweeteners Maple syrup is relatively unprocessed. Pure Canadian maple syrup is made 100% from the sap of sugar maple trees in the first few weeks of spring when the sugar maples come back to life after staying dormant through the winter period. The only processing that takes place is when the maple sap (naturally 2% sugar) is boiled down to concentrate its sugar content to around 66%. In comparison processed cane sugar (made from sugar cane or sugar beets), is processed intensively within the sugar factories. To produce can sugar the sugar cane or sugar beets are mixed in hot water and boiled before being mashed to produce the sweet liquids. Then different chemicals will be used at each stage of the process including lime, diatomaceous earth and phosphoric acid. The juices that are produced are then filtered before being bleached using bone char, carbon, or through an ion exchange.Maple syrup also contains around 54 beneficial compounds and vitamins unlike processed can sugar such as manganese, calcium, Vitamin B2, Niacin, zinc, with some compounds found specifically in maple syrup alone.

Like for like Maple syrup also has less calories per spoonful than processed white sugar and has less of a glycemic count which means its easier for the body to break down. Why not try substituting processed white sugar with maple syrup, simply use 3/4 of the amount of maple syrup you would usually use in white sugar.

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Maple Syrup (Square Can) 250ml Case – 24 Per Case / Grade A Very Dark (Strong Taste). Pure Canadian Grade A Canadian maple syrup very dark (Strong Taste).

Our Grade A Dark Syrup – Robust Taste is graded under the new grading system (Previously “Grade A Dark Amber” (USA) or “No 1 Medium” Canada)

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Weight 420 kg
Dimensions 40 x 35 x 8 cm


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