12x Maple Syrup (Square Can) 500ml Grade A Dark (Robust Taste), Case

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12x Maple Syrup (Square Can) 500ml / 16.91 fl.oz Case – 12 Per Case. A Grade A dark (Robust Taste)

For those who like a strong maple taste also great for recipes. This syrup is 100% natural and made from 100% maple sugar sap produced from Canadian trees.

You can even replace sugar with maple syrup.

Have you ever tried to replace sugar with maple syrup, it could be a healthier option. There are 54 individual beneficial compounds found in maple syrup with some of them only found in boiled maple syrup. Maple syrup has the same calcium content as whole milk, and is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Its also has less of a glycemic count which means its less of a shock to the system than sugar.

Try replacing sugar with maple syrup.

To replace sugar with maple syrup you can do this by adding roughly 3/4 of maple syrup to the amount you would normal use of sugar.

Like for like Maple syrup has less calories per spoonful than most sweeteners and especially processed white sugar and has less of a glycemic count which means its easier for the body to break down. Why not try substituting processed white sugar with maple syrup, simply use 3/4 of the amount of maple syrup you would usually use in white sugar.

Maple Syrup Grades

All genuine maple syrup’s are graded according to standards set by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) these grades classify maple syrup as either –

  • “Golden, Delicate Taste”
  • “Amber, Rich Taste”
  • “Dark, Robust Taste”, or
  • “Very Dark, Strong Taste”

Some of our customers prefer stronger tasting syrups, whilst others prefer a more delicate taste, why not see which one you prefer.

Maple syrup is a great source of minerals and other compounds. Maple syrup contains calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium. Similar to other natural products like fruit and vegetables in is also contains many antioxidants which have been shown to help prevent cancer, reduce the signs of ageing, and help boost the body’s immune defences.

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Maple Syrup (Square Can) 500ml / 16.91 Case – 12 Per Case: A pack of 12 square 500ml maple syrup cans, very dark syrup with a strong taste, great for recipes.

Our Grade A Dark Syrup – Robust Taste is graded under the new grading system (Previously “Grade A Dark Amber” (USA) or “No 1 Medium” Canada)

Additional information

Weight 420 kg
Dimensions 40 x 35 x 8 cm

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