Maple Syrup Kent Glass (250ml) 12 x Case

Pure Canadian Maple Syrup in Kent Glass (250ml / 3.4oz) 

100% pure maple syrup from Canada with no artificial preservatives or flavours!

Label: Maple Syrup Direct 250 ml
Shelf Life Unopened: 3 years at room temperature.
Opened: 1 year keep refrigerated

100% Maple Syrup

Kosher, HACCP, Organic certification available of request.

Retail Format: 250 ml glass bottle.
Label: Maple Syrup Direct
Pure Maple Syrup – 250ml
Length: 3 7/16”/ 8.74 cm
Width: 10/16” / 4.14 cm
Height: 6.69” / 16.99 cm
Weight: 1.28 lbs
Closure: Plastic screw top cap
Coding: Production date codeink jet back label
Certification: Kosher,
Organic, HACCAP
UPC: 628055540557 (unit)

Pallet Weight: 2346 lbs
Case Per Pallet: 138
Units Per Pallet: 1656
Pallet Type: Chep / heat treated US 40×48 inches
Cases Per Layer: 23
UPC: 20628055540551 (pallet)
Units per case: 12
Material: Corrugated cardboard
Length: 10 15/16”/ 28 cm
Width: 7”/18 cm
Height: 6.94”/18 cm
Weight: 15.97 lbs
UPC: 10628055540554 (case)
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A favourite of Maple Syrup Direct, this Canadian Grade A Amber (Rich Taste) maple syrup. This product makes a brilliant gift for family and potential business partners so why not send a bottle to someone you love.

Made from a great grade A pure maple syrup its 100% pure and produced from the concentrated sap of sugar maple trees. Like all real maple syrup from Canada this product contains no artificial preservatives or flavours.

Can be used for a host of purposes such as baking and other recipes or alternatively simply to pour on your breakfast pancakes. It can also be used to substitute sugar just add 3/4 of maple syrup in comparison to the normal desired amount of processed sugar.

Buy maple syrup today and get a discounted price and Maple Syrup Direct will ship wherever you are in the world directly to your door.

Choose Your Favourite Strength: Darker Syrups have stronger taste

  • “Golden, Delicate Taste”
  • “Amber, Rich Taste”
  • “Dark, Robust Taste”
  • “Very Dark, Strong Taste”

We also stock a range of other maple syrup’s, maple butter, and maple candies.

100% natural and pure maple syrup is produced from sugar maple trees and not only does it taste better than most other sweeteners it is also better for you. Research from Health Canada’s Nutrient File shows maple syrup’s nutritional value is far better than many other sweeteners, including sugar, honey, and even brown sugar. Calories in maple syrup are also lower than in both honey and corn syrup, with an average of 50 calories per tablespoon.

The Nutritional Value Of Maple Syrup: (Additional Information Tab)

An excellent source of manganese, maple syrup can help the body in energy production and is rich in antioxidant’s. In just a single serving (¼ cup) maple syrup provides you with 100% of the recommended amount of manganese.

Maple Syrup also contains:

37% of your Daily Value of vitamin B2 (riboflavin), important for metabolic process.

18% of the recommended zinc Daily Value, essential for maintaining a strong immune system.

And many other important minerals including (nut not limited to) Calcium, magnesium and potassium which all help reduce the risk of stroke and high blood pressure.

Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 28 x 18 x 18 cm


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